DUNET Inc. is a subsidiary of Dong-A Media Group, which provides IT and education business established in August 2000.

After starting e-learning business, DUNET has been expanding its business area to education and media sectors such as education, forum, IT, broadcast service, advertising and etc.

In the future, DUNET will become a knowledge content service company which contribute to spread valuable content and share beneficial knowledge and information with world through the convergence of various media such as online(web, mobile), offline service, broadcasts and so on.

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  • DBR(Donga Business Review) Providing high-quality economic management content by in-depth analysis and select Providing 'knowledge' and 'infomation' of DBR which is a premium solution for business leaders in suitable forms by carefully selecting the latest knowledge and practical program with new idea and solution
    [Broad analysis and insight]
    ㆍMIT Sloan Management Review, Mckinsey Quarterly and so on.
    [Solution for Korea enterprises]
    ㆍSpecial Report (thematic depth analysis)
    ㆍDBR Case Study (domestic company cases)
    [quick reflecting the knowledge market]
    ㆍcontinue to update the latest management knowledge to respond to the rapidly changing business environment
    ㆍAll articles of DBR are available to learn with online/mobile
  • HBR(Havard Business Review Korea) Delivered global knowledge through an exclusive agreement with Harvard Business Review Published by academia/industry leading experts including the world's leading management scholar, CEO and global consultants
    [An in-depth study of article] 
    ㆍconsist of one topic and thesis case study
    [The recent theory of authority on business administration] 
    ㆍTheory of celebrated scholars including Poter, Gary Hamel, Vijay Govindarajan
    [Broad content] 
    ㆍA variety of content on multiple industry group’s strategy, negotiation, leadership, marketing, finance and etc.
    [Convenience for readers] 
    ㆍProvide the original depth and the convenience of translation together with the core content spotlight section expressed by both Korean and English.
    [Diversification of view] 
    ㆍreinterpreting implications in view of domestic business condition and status beyond Western management standpoint
  • HRD Providing online and offline training program and customized corporate training service Operating forum for the exchange of information and human networks, Providing a variety of information such as the quality of lecture, columns and so on. [Lecture]
    ㆍthe courses of the overall management based on business innovation
    providing professional column and business-related knowledge service
    ㆍProviding categorized contents and the latest issues for enterprise
    ㆍProviding video of lecture for classical, liberal arts, leadership related HBR and DBR original articles beside Dona-A Ilbo content
    ㆍProvided by forms of letter, html, original text, article list
    ㆍLearning community support, sharing and re-creating knowledge and information
  • PCO Planning and operating of PCO service including forums, fairs, exhibitions
    ㆍProgram planning based on the latest issues and agendas that are focused by company, institutions, society
    ㆍNetworks that can liaise for speakers and panel who have the best skills related to topics
    ㆍCarrying out with capabilities for overall including planning, liaison, promotion and operation
    2011, 2012, 2013, 2015 Dong-A Business Forum
    2013, 2014 Dong-A International Finance Forum
    2013 Dong-A Economic Breakfast Forum
    2013 Dong-A & Bain Creative Economy Forum
    2013 Dong-A Real Estate Policy Forum
    2014 Dong-A Smart Finance Expo


  • Smart Learning Solution LMS(BLU)
    Smart learning package solution optimized for higher education Stable smart learning system used in 80% of e-learning center in all universities nationwide. 
    ㆍReflecting the best technology and the latest trends ㆍTotal solution package required for online learning ㆍRapid development processes and cost cutting ㆍMain modules : LMS / M-LMS / CDMS / LCMS / OCW ㆍOptions : MOOC / flip-learning/ lifelong learning / blended learning

  • Broadcast solution
    Broadcast solution development capabilities NPS(Network Production System) building and operation 
    ㆍNLE, CMS, ingest, Archive system building and operation  ㆍBroadcast solution development including XDS Taker, transcoder, archive restoration  ㆍNews broadcast solution development inclutiong News Taker, prompter, press informaiton system

    Broadcasting site building and operation
    ㆍWeb site and secondary service system building and operaiton ㆍWeb content and mobile content creation ㆍSNS PR and promotional content creation
  • HomePage 
    education system service
    ㆍProviding specialized solution for lifelong learning center/ learning center / learning portal ㆍApply the latest trends in e-learning ㆍProviding a stable e-learning service with rich experiences

    Website building and operation
    ㆍWeb site and secondary service system building and operation ㆍWeb content and mobile content creation ㆍSNS PR and promotional content creation

  • Mobile Web/App
    Variety type of Mobile web site and application development integrated with main web standard and technology Mobile application / web development and services 
    ㆍNative, Hybrid ㆍiOS, Android / smart phone, tablet ㆍEnterprise, Public Institution, Schools

  • Digital Content
    Optimized Smart learning content and promotional video creation  
    ㆍCustomized training planning and instructional design, development methodology ㆍScreen design and media application for smart learning environment ㆍthe latest content development studio and equipment



HAN6STYLE.com is an online store that sells 100% genuine Korea Fashion & Beauty products targeting great China region, and supports small businesses and young founders to find a overseas market as well as promote their product.

In addition, we globally distribute content of Dong-A media group which have and hold capacity of extensive production as operating both of newspaper and broadcasting, and carry out the role of platform that create new commerce business.

PR Agency Service

Online PR

AD/PR Agency
operating and acting advertising medium width a variety of custom groups DUNET have and hold

[DBR / HBR] Providing forms of WEB, DM, Mobile, Magazine for university, college graduate and enterprise
[The Moments] A mobile application of photo and travel, used as a media of public relations
[Channel A] A mobile application for news, VOD/on-Air, multiple PR effect expected
[Company PR video production]
Viral Marketing
The maximum impact through integrated social media operation

[Blog] Respond to mobile service through implementing responsive web(Facebook interworking available)
[SNS operation] SNS advertising, posting PR service. Hold pathway to share content publishing with SNS exposure
[YouTube Operation] Provide various media content through sharing video from blog and facebook


Creating Shared Value

Young Dream Center

We carry out the role of ‘think-tank’ and ‘healing camp’ consoling young people’s weary hearts with journalist and PD of Dong-A Ilbo and Channel A, and young employment experts advisory committee

Main Condition
- Young Dream China entrepreneurship competition – 2014, 2015
- ‘Export star’ sales king competition – Signed MOU with eBay Korea
- Creative economy essay contest – signed MOU with Israel embassy
- K-frontier – Providing opportunities for  having overseas company experiences